Leadership Team


Kathy Rowlen, InDevR CEO

Kathy Rowlen, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Dr. Kathy Rowlen has more than 20 years of management and research experience in business and academics, with more than 10 years in the field of biotechnology. Rowlen was a successful Professor of Chemistry at the University of Colorado in Boulder from 1991 to 2008. After co-founding InDevR in 2003 and serving as its Chief Science Officer, she transitioned to a full-time position as InDevR’s CEO in 2008.

Dr. Rowlen has a well-earned reputation as a resourceful business entrepreneur and has raised substantial non-dilutive funding. Under her leadership, InDevR has demonstrated excellence in translating innovative ideas into high-impact commercial products. Two such products, the Virus Counter and ampliPHOX, are now being sold globally. In 2012, InDevR successfully raised investment capital to create a new company, ViroCyt LLC, that will focus on marketing, sales and support for the Virus Counter. Dr. Rowlen serves on the Board of Directors for InDevR, 2B Technologies, and ViroCyt.

Curriculum Vitae

Laura Kuck, InDevR Director of Research Operations

Laura Kuck, Ph.D.

Director Of Research Operations and Co-Founder

Dr. Laura Kuck has more than 15 years of operations management experience, including 10 years in the environmental laboratory sector. Her background includes positions as a Scientific Advisor for the USFDA, Laboratory Director for Onsite Laboratories, Quality Assurance Manager for Dames and Moore, and Laboratory Director for Resna Laboratories.

Under Dr. Kuck’s leadership, the company has made significant investments in quality processes. These investments include creation of a customer service department and implementation of a client relationship management system, strict document controls for the production and testing of instruments and consumables, and continued improvements in inventory management. Her commitment to the quality of InDevR products is demonstrated by the 2010 release of the CE compliant ViroCyt 2100 Virus Counter – a major corporate milestone. In addition to developing InDevR’s ampliPHOX technology she is an inventor on two related pending patents for the technology.

Dr. Kuck received her B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of California, Davis and her Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

John Birks, InDevR Executive Vice President

John Birks, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President and Co-founder

In addition to his role at InDevR Inc., Dr. John W. Birks is co-founder and President of 2B Technologies, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. Under Birks’ leadership, 2B Technologies has sold more than 2,000 instruments for air pollution monitoring worldwide. He is also Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Fellow Emeritus of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) of the University of Colorado at Boulder where he served on the faculty for 25 years. Dr. Birks has published more than 130 scientific papers, edited 3 books, and holds ten U.S. patents.

Dr. Birks received his B.S. (high honors) from the University of Arkansas and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley.

Curriculum Vitae

Shannon Rodriguez, InDevR VP of Finance and Administration

Shannon Rodriguez

Vice President of Finance and Administration

With ten years of accounting and finance experience and more than seven years of service to InDevR, Shannon directs the finance department. Under Shannon’s leadership, the company has met all of the challenges of complying with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) requirements. Shannon has created and manages all procurement and subcontracting procedures, financial and account aspects of cost control systems, compliancy of overhead rate calculations as well as compliance with public laws and regulations. She specializes in financial reporting, forecasting, budgeting, grants management and cost control. She also directs all human resource activities and assists with business planning, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Shannon proudly serves her community as a board member for the GO3 Foundation.

Shannon received her B.S. in Business Administration, Operations Management from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Erica Dawson, VP of Research & Development

Erica Dawson, Ph.D.

Vice President of Research & Development

As Vice President of Research & Development, Dr. Dawson is involved in both guiding early stage research projects as well as managing the transition of successful research from the laboratory to commercial launch. She coordinates with in-house teams in Research, Engineering, Production, Customer Service, and Sales and Marketing to prepare new products for commercialization and prioritize and implement existing product improvements.  She also acts as Principal Investigator on a number of the company’s NIH-funded projects.  Dr. Dawson joined InDevR in 2006, and has held previous positions as Lead Scientist for Molecular Diagnostics, Product Manager, and Director of Product Development.

Dr. Dawson earned her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and holds a B.S. (summa cum laude) from Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. After receiving her Ph.D., Erica subsequently conducted 3 years of post-doctoral research at the University of Colorado at Boulder.