Microarray Products

Protein Quantification

VaxArray™ Influenza (formerly Flu-ToC™) is a new multiplexed immunoassay for quantifying influenza hemagglutinin protein that accelerates vaccine development by eliminating the need for reference antisera.

Vidia Microarray Imaging System

Fluorescence Imaging

The Vidia™ Microarray Imaging System is an easy-to-use, fluorescence-based imaging system for microarrays that is compatable with both standard slides and 96-well plates.

ampliPHOX Colorimetric Detection

Colorimetric Imaging

Colorimetric Detection with ampliPHOX® provides fast and reliable results for microarrays with significant cost savings relative to traditional fluorescence detection systems.


Custom Arrays

Custom arrays, or miPLEX™, can be printed with both protein and nucleic acid capture agents in a variety of formats, including slides and microplates, to match your throughput and instrumentation needs.

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