About InDevR

About InDevR

InDevR aims to be a global leader in breakthrough instrumentation and assays.  Our goal is to deliver robust, cost-effective tools to address today’s most challenging life science questions.

InDevR, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Dr. Kathy Rowlen, Dr. Laura Kuck, and Dr. John Birks, who have over 75 years of combined experience in assay and instrument development and research. Over the past 10 years, InDevR has recruited a variety of talent including Ph.D. scientists and engineers to help tackle the challenges of instrumentation and assay research and development.  The InDevR name originates from our early stage goals of InstrumentDevelopment and Research. The company has evolved over the years to be product and customer centric but we also remain dedicated to the development of new analytical tools through fundamental and translational research.

InDevR recently launched the Influenza Titer on Chip® product for rapid quantification of hemagglutinin protein, they key ingredient in flu vaccines.  InDevR offers a range of other microarray-related products, including the Vidia™ Microarray Imaging System, the ampliPHOX® Colorimetric Detection platform, and miPLEX™ Custom Arrays to enable our customers a low risk means to explore the high utility of target-specific microarrays.  Combined, these tools allow for faster turnaround time at an affordable price.   In addition to these products, our team of researchers are busy developing new tools and assays for pathogen detection and innovative analysis platforms to support the vaccine industry.

In 2005, InDevR purchased a majority ownership share of 2B Technologies, a leader in the field of analytical instruments for atmospheric and environmental measurements. An ISO 9001:2000-certified manufacturer, 2B Technologies has produced and sold more than 2,000 ozone monitors and related instruments. The two companies share a facility to promote collaboration for high quality research, manufacturing, sales, and customer service.

In 2012, InDevR raised venture capital to create a new company, ViroCyt, LLC. ViroCyt is focused on expanding the commercial market for the Virus Counter technology originally developed and marketed by InDevR.  The Virus Counter provides rapid quantification of viruses resulting in faster, more accurate decision-making in settings that utilize viruses to create lifesaving products, such as viral vaccine production, protein expression, antiviral drug development, and viral diagnostics.  For more information visit ViroCyt.

InDevR Core Values

Integrity: We will be honest and endeavor to “do the right thing” every day with every customer.

Quality: We will take pride in our work and constantly strive for excellence.

Respect: We will treat every person with the respect that each of us would want to receive.

Accountability: We will take responsibility for our products and actions.

Common Sense: We will rely on intelligence and common sense, rather than corporate dogma, to solve problems and make decisions.

Global Environment: We will strive to minimize our footprint on the planet while seeking to improve the health of its inhabitants.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society
  • American Association of Clinical Chemists
  • American Society for Microbiology
  • Colorado Bioscience Association
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