Vidia™ Microarray Imaging System

Vidia Microarray Imaging System

Features of the Vidia Microarray Imaging System:

  • Flexible: design an assay with up to 16 arrays per slide or up to 96 wells in a microplate to add powerful new dimensions to your assays
  • Fast: 96 well plate imaged in less than ten minutes, with full image processing for all 96 samples achieved in less than 20 minutes –  significantly faster than competitive fluorescence-based systems
  • Friendly: easy to use, stand-alone system with integrated PC interface; compatible with liquid handling instrumentation

The Vidia Microarray Imaging System is an easy-to-use, fluorescence-based imaging system for multiplexed assays. Vidia is compatible with both 96-well plates and standard slides, making it one of the most versatile microarray imaging system on the market!  Only one other microarray scanner can analyze both plates and slides, but it costs 2x as much as Vidia.  As a true 2D imaging system, and not a standard rastering instrument, it is also much faster than microarray scanners.  For more information, checkout the Vidia Product Sheet or click the “Request a Quote Tab” to receive pricing information.

Multiplexing immunoassays immediately saves valuable time, reagents and samples. With an entire assay (array) in each well of a 96-well plate or multi-well slide, much less coating material is required per assay compared to standard ELISA.  Read dozens of data points and test a multitude of markers simultaneously to increase throughput in your lab.

Vidia is built to ensure reproducible results and low maintenance operation in a compact design.  High-power LEDs are utilized for excitation of fluorescent dyes and a sensitive CCD camera provides detection for this 2-channel green/red (e.g. Cy3/Cy5) imaging system.  No moving parts in the optical system along with our user-friendly software ensure each spot is found and analyzed properly, assay after assay.  Learn how Vidia compares to other microarray scanners on the market in the Vidia Comparison Sheet available under the “Product Downloads” tab.

Click the “Request a Quote” tab to receive pricing information.

Vidia is CE marked and intended for research and investigation applications only.

Imaging System
Resolution 6.7 μm
Camera resolution 1296 x 964 pixels full frame
Scan time for 96-well plate < 10 minutes
Excitation 60 mW LEDs
Excitation wavelengths:
Green 490 – 540 nm
Red 610 – 640 nm
Emission wavelengths:
Green 560 – 590 nm
Red 660 – 710 nm
Image storage format 16-bit TIFF grayscale
Results storage format CSV spreadsheet, XML files
General Specifications
Dimensions (in.) 17.3 (W) x 13.7 (D) x 9.8 (H)
Weight 33 lbs
AC input 100 – 240 V, 47 – 63 Hz
Input Power max. 150 W

Vidia Product Sheet

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Vidia Sensitivity Sheet
Vidia Comparison to other Microarray Systems

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