miPLEX™ Custom Arrays

miPLEX Custom Arrays

The miPLEX™ product is customizable target-specific microarrays, also known as “focused” or “low-density” arrays, that contain less than 2,500 spots per array. miPLEX offers several unique advantages over higher density formats including straightforward analysis, fully customizable content, and lower cost per array. These custom arrays can be printed with both protein and nucleic acid targets in a variety of formats to match your throughput and instrumentation needs. For immunoassays, InDevR scientists will work with you to transform your existing ELISAs into a cost-saving multiplexed assay.

To receive pricing information regarding your specific array layout and format, please click the “Request a Quote” tab to contact us.

Printing Capabilities:

  • Slides: 1-16 arrays per slide with up to 80 unique targets in triplicate per array.
  • 96 well plate with up to 80 unique targets in triplicate per array.
  • Other formats & substrates: If you have a unique substrate or configuration to print, contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

To receive pricing information regarding your specific array layout and format, please click the “Request a Quote” tab to contact us.

Convert Multiple Existing ELISA or Nucleic Acid Based Assays into a Single Multiplex Solution

If you have been performing multiple ELISAs on a single sample, you understand the need to find a solution that requires less hands-on and analysis time. InDevR’s team of scientists will guide you through the process of converting multiple singleplex ELISAs into a single multiplexed solution. We will help you layout your microarray assay and determine which detection option best addresses your needs and budget. Working with InDevR, you can also expect:

  • Reduced overall costs for assays with 10 or more analytes (targets)
  • Software tools to expedite data analysis for a faster time to result
  • Flexible microarray formats (glass slides – up to 16 arrays per slide, 96 well plates, etc.)
  • Excellent technical support from a knowledgeable and experienced staff of scientists

If you are interested in collaborating with InDevR, contact us via the “Request a Quote” tab. We will be happy to discuss your application. If we can’t provide the solution, we may be able to point you toward an alternative.

Custom Array Recommendations:

  • When designing your arrays, we recommend including multiple replicates of each capture on your array to yield the best results statistically.  For our research at InDevR, we typically spot 3 replicates of each capture.
  • For custom arrays that will be used with Vidia, it’s necessary to include at least 3 control spots to serve as fiduciary markers to properly align a mask with the software when analyzing the data.
  • When you receive your custom arrays, keep them in a dry, dark location at room temperature (nucleic acid arrays) or at 4ºC (protein arrays).  Storing the arrays in an area where they will be exposed to moisture and light may compromise your capture probes and reduce performance.

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